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For those that don't know, Battlefield Heroes is a third person, 3D cartoon shooter game, currently played by more than two million people. On each map, every player carries with them weapons of all kinds and many different special abilities. This wiki is aimed to inform, provoke discussion, and to act as a an unofficial guide for the Battlefield Heroes players out there. Feel free to add to or improve any of the pages, or email me with any queries. This is an expansive guide, and will build up over time. A link to sign up to this game can be found on this page.



The Game

From the moment you sign up to the game, you can find a server to join. In the press of a button, you can equip custom weapons and explosives, including RPGs,TNT and grenades. You can also give yourself abilities. With these abilities you can set enemies on fire with your bullets, equip your knife with poison, dash at super-speed to escape fire and many, many more. You can choose to be a commando, hunting your prey with a knife, sniper rifle or pistols; a gunner, who takes has the heavy machine-guns and explosives; or the soldier, with trusty grenade and a whole range of abilities to help him in battle.


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