Funk001's Guide:

Like I said before, the TNT is so much more useful against tanks than the grenade is, the only downside is that you need to get close to the tank to do that.
When you're in a crowded place that's not so much of a problem but when you're alone up against a tank you prefer to stay out of sight.
You can also use TNT against infantry though, it's useful to throw into crowded corridors and actually does quite some damage, if you time it right.
Another cool trick is to place some TNT and then shoot it from a distance when your enemy comes around the corner.
Remember that you don't have to wait for the timer to go off, just shoot it!
My biggest problem about TNT is that you can't throw it as far as the grenade.
That makes it badly positionable and therefore not very well against enemy infantry.
Still, you can get very creative with this TNT.
You can use it to climb onto small buildings and ledges, something the grenade doesn't offer...
Steiner's Shotgun/Hubble's Double Trouble
The default Shotgun isn't as good as we would all want it to be.
It's slow, it doesn't do that much damage for a shotgun, the reload time takes too long and it's difficult to aim.
What you have to do to make the most of this shotgun is to take your time.

Don't click the mouse button like an idiot and hope the enemy will somehow walk into your line of fire.
Aim relaxed, take your time and make every single shot count!
If you play it like that you might actually do good in an up close battle!
Just switch to your other weapon whenever you're in for the reload.
It simply takes too long to wait for it.
The Kommandant/Charlie's Chopper
The default Machinegun was surprisingly well for the soldier I have to admit!
Beyond medium ranges I was doing better than I would be doing with Tommy's Typewriter!
On maps like Seaside Skirmish, Buccaneer Bay and soon Sunset Showdown this baby really packs a punch and I wouldn't mind taking it with me.
The accuracy is a lot better on long range, I might just trade it in for my Shotgun for a while to give it a try and see how that works out.
However, the closer the enemy gets the more I prefer my Typewriter but make sure to use your shotgun for close quarters combat.
In the end, I think the disadvantage isn't as great as many would like us to believe.
I still managed to do a great deal of damage to enemy and my score wasn't much worse than it was with my other guns.
Now let's see what we can do against those new widgets.
Also, I'll give you my thoughts on how to distribute your abilities since the last update.

--- ADVANCED Tactics ---
Ok, so you're really going to have to read and try to visualize here what I'm about to tell you.
I sadly don't have the time to make video's or pictures of what I mean exactly so I'm going to try and explain it through words as good as I can.
If you're just starting playing this game or shooters in general, try to get the hang of the game first before trying this.
Square Fighting
Square fighting is a defensive tactic that you can us when being attacked by one of multiple targets in an offensive/following manner.
It usually works best around a free standing square building that is accessible from all sides.
You'll find these in all maps but victory village has by far the most of these layouts.
You move backwards along the walls from corner to corner.
Every time the enemy pops around a corner, shoot him quickly or place some explosives before he does and then continue to the next corner.
Like this you are always facing your enemy from the front and have escape routes on the left or right side.
You also have a much better view of what is happening around you when your enemy decides to charge you from the other side.
All you have to do then is reverse and continue the square fighting the other way around.
You're also able to stall and wait for your combat medicine to regenerate and then turn the battle around and change to offense.
This works EXTREMELY well in combination with Sixth sense!
The Target Switch
It's great when your fighting in a big group of teammates but if you're like me and you tend to walk on the front you will take most of the bullets.
It works the same way when being attacked from the rear by one of multiple enemies.
As I've taught you in one of my other guides you always need to stick with one target and most of the people I encounter do that already.
The answer on how to counter that is actually quite simple.
Hide behind a tree, a wall, a crate, a fence or even a teammate for 1 or 2 seconds.
The opponent is forced to pick another enemy to shoot at and when that happens you pop back out and quickly take him out.
The chances of him changing back to you are very small so you can even do this with a low amount of health.
When under attack, people tend to make quick and hasty decisions that aren't always the best for them.
Use that weakness to your advantage!
The Jump & Strafe
Fences and low walls practically work as a shield for us soldiers.
They're great in protecting us from enemy fire, abilities, explosives and snipers.
Especially in Riverside Rush there are a lot of spots you can use to jump over the walls and fences and deal some damage with minimal risk of exposure.
The only problem is that when you've been spotted it's not that hard to predict where you are going to pop up.
To solve this problem, just run behind the fence or wall and jump up at the same time.
That way you'll make it much more difficult for a sniper holding his crosshairs on that one place where he thinks you'll pop up again.
Be unpredictable and stay on the move!
The Ammo Duck & Corner Usage
Make sure you never stand in the open when your in the middle of a fight.
It makes you vulnerable, especially when you have to run for cover first.
Most of the times it's already too late before you even get close to cover.
Like in Square fighting, you always need to use the corners wisely because it gives you cover and 2 different exit routes.
Being prepared for any situation will increase your score, lower your K/D rate and help you get better as a player.
Use the corners to duck quickly behind when you're reloading, standing in the open for no reason at all is a mistake I see so many people doing.
Save yourself some health and stay on corners, they can be your best friend!
Combine it with the 3rd person view to ambush your opponents too!
Risk Assessment & Anticipation
Always think before you run into a corridor, especially when you're nearing enemy territory!
Stay close to the walls and run from obstacle to obstacle to keep a low profile (like real army men do also!)
Try to anticipate your opponents moves, you will be surprised how often I killed a commando I wasn't even able to see.
The question you should always ask yourself, if you would be in your opponent's situation, where would you go and what would you do?
If you get the hang of that you can really do some damage with well positioned grenades or other explosives.
Also, don't be afraid to bail out and retreat from time to time if you feel it's too risky.
There is really no use in taking it up against a horde of 4/5 opponents all by yourself.
In fact, it's really bad for your score and K/D ratio and you're not doing your team a favor, this IS still a team game people!
Stay on your toes soldier and don't be predictable, sometimes even hiding can solve your problem while you attack your enemy from behind.
The element of surprise is a very powerful ally!
Trajectory Calculation & Positioning
A lot of people ignore grenade spam but if you look at it closely you can calculate where they are about to land and explode.
Don't hesitate and try to avoid them, sure you could just use your combat medicine but you might need it more a few seconds later.
As you might know people also use grenade spam to cover up their single grenade which packs much more of a punch!
Another very important thing is you position, when you're hiding behind a fence, wall or other obstacle and you have a building right behind you it's actually very easy to throw a grenade against the wall and right on top of your head.
This is what I call the "Wallbounce" but you can use it on your enemies too, it works amazing for grenades & grenade spam!
Like that you can reach places with your explosives you could normally not reach.
A better place to hide behind is an obstacle in front of you with nothing behind you to bounce off.
Like that your opponent is forced to aim higher and therefore throwing the grenade much further than you are hiding.
Minimize the damage that you take, it will keep you fit for any battle!
Holding Your Fire
Believe it or not, shooting isn't always the best thing to do.
If you notice one of your opponents not seeing you, quickly assess if you're in the perfect position to take him out.
Remember that someone's backside is much more vulnerable than the front.
Maybe it's better to ambush him around the corner and take him out so quickly that he's not able to return any damage to you.
As soon as you hit your opponent, he will be much more alert and looking around for you than when you hold you fire.
Instead, keep silent and wait for the perfect moment.
The element of surprise is your best friend!
Marking Your Target
Only available for Commandos?
I don't think so!
Even though the update brings us the new fireproof underpants, Burning Bullets still work great in marking your enemies.
Even more now because players have to pay for bandages which most players don't.
You can follow the damage you do through buildings and obstacles giving you the exact location of the enemy you hit.
This works really well in following cloaked Commandos around without a visual.
Off course it works for all enemy classes.

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